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About Save Chelsea

Mission Statement

SAVE CHELSEA is a community-based organization established to protect the residential character of Chelsea and the quality of life for all residents of our neighborhood. We do this by maintaining an open line of communication among the individual residents and institutions of the neighborhood, government agencies, and other organizations active in Chelsea. We are concerned with preserving the integrity of Chelsea’s Historic Districts and buildings and maintaining as varied a mix as possible of economic, social, and generational populations in our neighborhood. Our membership includes over 800 individuals and families. Our leadership includes representatives of many other community-based organizations such as The Council of Chelsea Block Associations, Chelsea Coalition on Housing, Chelsea-Elliot Tenants Association, Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, and PTA members from local Public Schools. We welcome you to join us!

Save Chelsea Trustees

The trustees that lead SAVE CHELSEA are from a variety of backgrounds and professions, which include education, economics, finance, law, publishing, journalism, and historic preservation advocacy. Together, the trustees bring a wealth of experience and understanding of Chelsea -- past and present -- to our organization.

Save Chelsea Board

Pamela Wolff

President Emeritus: 

Laurence Frommer

First Vice President:

William Borock

Vice President:




Andrew Berman
William Borock

Cher Carden

Kitt Garrett 

David Holowka

Debbie Martin

Marcell Subert

Vedant Trivedi

Pamela Wolff

Trustee Associates:

Dianne DuCroz

Laurence Frommer

Andrew Rai

John Ratcliffe

Former Save Chelsea Presidents:

Robert Trentlyon

Mary Swartz

Justin Hoy, Co-President

Michael Bhagwandin

Lesley Doyel

Laurence Frommer

Former Board Members:

Norma Aviles

Juan Brea

Peter Basta Brightbill

Marion Buhagiar

Susan Cohen

Doris Corrigan
Justin Hoy

Sally Greenspan

Paul Groncki

Karen Jacob

Councilmember Corey Johnson

Robert Martin

Dorathea McElduff

Thùy Pham

Linda Rivera

Berte Schacter

Robert Trentlyon

Patrick Waldo

In Memoriam:

Ed Kirkland

Robert Trentlyon

Save Chelsea E-Newsletter

In the effort to increase communications, to broaden our membership, and keep current members informed about important issues in the Chelsea community, this is the second in a series of online newsletters that will be updated and distributed electronically throughout the coming months. In addition to being informative, the newsletter will provide an easy sign-up for new members, take donations via PayPal, and provide space for members to make SAVE CHELSEA aware of new issues, concerns, and events in the Chelsea neighborhood.

Share with us: Ideas and Issues
SAVE CHELSEA needs your ideas. Let us be your voice. If you are interested in what we are doing, send your email address to (way quicker, way greener, and way cheaper than postal mail). Tell us your concerns and your ideas. How do you see Chelsea in 2 years? In 10 years?

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