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Current Campaigns

Expanding the Chelsea Historic District

Realizing the desire to further protect the neighborhood, Save Chelsea would like
to recognize additional buildings that were not part of the 1970’s original designation of the Chelsea Historic District, its 1981 extension, and 2008’s designation of the Special West Chelsea District. These are primarily Greek-Revival rowhouses, Federal-style rowhouses from 1835 or earlier, and tenement buildings that are beginning to have a renaissance in appreciation from the broader community in their place in architectural history (67 of those sites are row houses, and 17 are tenements).

After initially surveying over 100 sites in our informal survey, we will begin to conduct in-depth research with the NYC Municipal Archives and eventually submit an RFP for the New York City Landmarks Commission for their consideration.



Saving the Julien Binford Mural, A Piece of Americana

“A Memory of 14th Street and 6th Avenue” was commissioned in 1953 for the Greenwich Savings Bank by Julien Binford for their 14th Street and 6th Avenue location. In 2017, the HSBC bank building was slated for demolition to be replaced by condominiums and retail space. After being alerted to the mural's existence, Save Chelsea sprang into action to ensure this artwork was saved.

Through the combined efforts of our group, Gemini Rosemont, Councilman Corey Johnson’s office, Google NYC, Jamestown LP, and the Hudson Guild, we were able to successfully recover the piece. We are currently working together to find a permanent new home for this historic and beautiful work of art so that it can be gifted as a permanent installation to the New York City community.

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Protecting Midtown South

Realizing the threats in the neighborhood from 23rd Street to 41st Street, we would like to form a coalition that can advocate for a sustainable future of the Midtown South District. Historically, this area has lacked a dedicated steward group that can be the voice for the public at hearings and proposals. 


While Save Chelsea is a staunch proponent for accessible public transportation, we are also concerned with the possible effects of the new Empire State Complex redevelopment initiative which was launched in August of 2020. While its primary objective is to revamp Penn Station's efficiency as a transit hub, it goes one step further to propose the replacement of several historic, non-landmarked sites with supertall towers which would be akin to an extension of Hudson Yards.

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